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  • Free Car Seat Safety Checks at Health Department! Read More!
  • Health Department Document June 2017 Food Inspection Report
  • County Council Meeting July 24th 2017 6:30PM, Check the calendar for info or click here for more info!
  • County Commissioners Meeting July 19th 2017 6:00PM, Check the calendar for info or click here for more info!

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    LaPorte County new on-line Court Case Management system is now available. You may view the CCS of all public view cases at no charge.

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IMPORTANT! Information Regarding La Porte County Ordinace

The Board of Commissioners have been considering a Code Enforcement Ordinance, and have asked for public input. After reviewing all input, both positive and negative, the ordinance has been re-worked and the document that remains is being sent to the Plan Commission for their review and input, since that office will have ultimate authority on enforcement. Therefore, the proposed ordinance will NOT be discussed at the Commissioners meeting on Wednesday June 21. When the ordinance is returned to the Commissioners from the Plan Commission, further action will be considered.

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Public Information

LaPorte County has adopted the United States Access Board’s ADA Guidelines (ADAAG) and Public Right of Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) as of March 4, 2013. These standards can be found at the following below.