Tax Payment Deadlines

2012 Pay 2013 Bill Due March 14, 2014 with a 6 Mo. Extension to pay by August 26, 2014.

Real Estate

555 Michigan Avenue, Suite 204
LaPorte, IN 46350
Phone: 219-326-6808 Ext. 2521/2267/2244
Fax: 219-326-5615

ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIES BY A DISCLOSURE FORM. This form can be attained from the Assessor's Office or by clicking here.

FEES: $5.00 is charged for each endorsement. $10.00 is charged for each Disclosure Form.

If the Disclosure is an exempt transaction there is no charge.

Requirements for Copies of Maps

1. Name of Property Owner
2. Address of Property
3. Parcel (sidewalk) number

One or all three of these requirements are necessary for accuracy.