Volunteers Needed

LaPorte County Health Department

Should any public health emergency occur, such as Pandemic Flu or an outbreak of Hepatitis A, that threatens the health of the residents of LaPorte County, it may be necessary to provide treatment for a large number of residents of the county within a short period of time. This would be accomplished by conducting one or more mass prophylaxis clinics (the distribution sites for any type of drug, vaccine, or resources on a large scale) within the county. It is necessary to have plans in place before the need arises to ensure the efficient operations of those clinics.

Our goal would be to provide treatment for every resident of the county, if necessary, within a matter of days. In order to accomplish this we would need a large number of volunteers from our nursing and medical communities to administer the necessary treatments at selected clinic sites in the county.

We ask for your help by volunteering for the staffing of a mass prophylaxis clinic in your area for roles as medical screeners, triage, vaccinators, clinic educators, floater, etc. The hours you could expect to work would be 8 to 12 hours daily for several days. The number of volunteers available would determine how long the clinics would need to be up and running.

Make a Difference

As a member of the medical community you have the ability to make a difference in a time of a public health emergency, please consider allowing us to count on you if ever needed.

Please click the link below and fill out the volunteer form and submit. The information provided will be for Health Department use only. Our community is counting on you to help us make this successful when the time comes.

While we hope the need never arises to provide mass prophylaxis to the residents of LaPorte County we also realize the need for advance arrangements. With those arrangements in place we are in a much better position to provide any necessary treatment in a timely and efficient manner.

If you have any questions please contact our Health Department Administrator, Mr. Paul Trost, Joanne Hardacker, R.M. Nursing Supervisor or Ken Johnston, Public Health Coordinator.