Felony Court and Miscellaneous

Felony Court Procedures

It will be necessary for you to inform the court of any continuances for hearings that are set for Wednesday and Friday Felony Court by way of US Mail.

For the Wednesday D felony court the cutoff for filings is Monday at 4:00 p.m.

Friday felony court cutoff for filings is Wednesday by noon.

The deadlines will be followed and there will be no exceptions.
Example: If you want your case continued and you miss the deadline, your case will not be continued.
Example: If you want your client transported or on video and you miss the deadline, your client will not be transported.

Requests for continuances must state that the State of Indiana has no objection to the continuance. In addition, the Judge is requesting that you state the reason for the continuance. Once the continuance has been granted or denied for cases submitted by the filing deadline stated above, Odyssey will be updated, thus allowing you to confirm by checking: http://mycase.in.gov/default.aspx.

Civil and Probate Filings

The following are to be submitted to the Court by hard copy:

Motions for Summary Judgment
Motions to Dismiss
Findings of Fact
Conclusions of Law

If a secondary hearing becomes primary, it is expected that it will take place. If the parties wish to continue or vacate it, a Motion to continue/vacate will be required. A Proposed Order should be submitted with the Motion.

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