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Problem Solving Court

                                                       of LaPorte County


What is the Problem Solving Court?

LaPorte County Problem Solving Court
is a withheld judgment program. The
Problem Solving Court allows
eligible participants to avoid post
conviction incarceration by agreeing
to complete a substance abuse
treatment program, remain alcohol
and drug free, and complete other
evidence based practices. Participants
must complete the problem solving court
in its entirety and satisfy all
requirements during the course of the

Who is eligible?

Offenders eligible for the Problem
Solving Court are medium to high risk
(risk to reoffend), adult (age 18) men
and women, charged with non violent,
addiction driven offenses such as
possession, DUI, theft, burglary,
prostitution, or forgery. Potential
participants must meet clinical criteria
for substance dependence determined by
using evidence based screening tools.

How long am I in the Program?

The length of the program is
approximately 18-24 months. The length
of the program is based on individual
needs, risks, and progress.

Why should I participate?

LaPorte County Problem Solving Court’s
goal is for you to lead a satisfying,
self-sustaining life free from alcohol
and other drugs, and free from crime.
Our hope is you will be self-sufficient
and will return to your family as a
productive and responsible person.
Participating in the LaPorte County
Problem Solving Court is your personal
choice. The Problem Solving Court Judge
and the Problem Solving Court Team are
here to help you, but you \alone are
responsible for your success. It is your
motivation that will enable you to
complete this program.

The benefits for participation include:
becoming drug and free,
education, job training and
other community resources. Once
you successfully complete the
program your charges may be
dismissed or modified.

Welcome to LaPorte County Problem Solving Court!

LaPorte County Problem Solving Court was established May of 2012 as an alternative to traditional case processing of substance dependent offenders. It is a voluntary program in which eligible offenders participate in an intense, multi-phase treatment program, submit to frequent drug testing and attend other appropriate court ordered programs while under the supervision of the Problem Solving Court Judge. Participants must attend services for a minimum of 18 months. Successful participants may have their charges dismissed or modified.

Mission Statement

  • "The LaPorte County Problem Solving Court is dedicated to holding high risk, substance addicted offenders accountable and reducing recidivism by frequent judicial review, individualized treatment and intensive supervision."

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