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This website was created to provide valuable information, court forms, and various resources for people who represent themselves in court. It should be noted, however, that self-representation should not be taken lightly, and that there are many instances in which hiring an attorney is a good idea. In fact, we suggest that even if you use the forms provided on this site, you still talk with an attorney prior to submitting them to a court.

The Self-Service Legal Center contains a lot of information to help you help yourself. You will find various court forms required by the courts and instructions on completing them. You will also find several court forms and other useful documents that have been translated into Spanish with the help of the Indiana Hispanic Law Project. This website will also show you different ways to find an attorney to assist you with your case; an explanation of what mediation is and how it works and a list of certified mediators; suggestions on preparing for court; items that court staff can and cannot help you with; web links to legal dictionaries and other legal materials; links to various courts in Indiana and the United States; and links to other self-service sites.

Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of Marriage Checklist

How Court Staff can and cannot assist with your case

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