Court Staff Members

Veterans Treatment Court provides a supportive and inclusive climate for all Veterans regardless of race, gender, or disability.

The Veteran's Treatment Court is a team approach at helping U.S. Military Veterans in LaPorte County that are in trouble with the law. This court is designed to give veterans a mentor who is a veteran themselves. The veteran will meet with his mentor over the course of 12 - 18 months.

Below is the team behind the Veteran's Treatment Court.

  • Jeffrey Thorne
    Judge, LaPorte County Superior Court 3
  • Richard Buell
    Executive Director
    LaPorte County Community Corrections
  • Stephen T. Eyrick
    Chief Probation Officer
    LaPorte County
  • Roxann Justus
    LaPorte County Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Jerry Montgomery
    Treatment Provider
  • Carissa Smith
    Community Representative
  • Thomas Thate
    Captain, Chief of Detectives
    City of LaPorte2
  • George Watkins
    Veterans Services Officer
    LaPorte County
  • Kurt R. Earnst
    LaPorte County Public Defender’s Office
  • Heath Haferkamp
    LaPorte County Administrative Captain
    Deputy Patrols
  • Ashley Wright
    Case Manager
    LaPorte County Probation Department
  • Lauran Olson
    Veteran Justice Outreach Specialist
  • Catherine Breitweiser-Hurt
    Deputy Prosecutor
    LaPorte County
  • Tyra Walker
    Director of Treatment Services
    LaPorte County Jail
  • Royce Williams
    Michigan City Assistant Police Chief