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Veterans Court Team Approach

The Mentor Program is an integral component of the Veterans Treatment Court. The Court has partnered with Veterans organizations and community leaders to establish a process for recruiting, training, and management of program volunteers. Mentors are a vital link in the Team Approach of helping our Veterans recover and return to a productive life.

Veteran's Only

The LaPorte County Veterans Treatment Court needs your support by becoming a mentor. We need members from all branches of service to fulfill the mentor role. The goal of any Veterans Treatment Court is to divert members from the traditional justice system and to give them treatment and tools for rehabilitation and readjustment. While Veterans Treatment Court allows the Veteran to remain in the community while undergoing treatment, a judge regularly checks on the individual's progress.

Mentor Requirements and Guidelines

  • A Mentor has experienced similar issues and effectively addressed those issues
  • A Mentor has concern for Veterans Treatment Court participants
  • If the Mentor is recovering addict, must have minimum one (1) year clean time
  • A Mentor must commit to program participants for minimum period of six (6) months
  • A Mentor cannot be on parole, probation, or have any criminal charges pending
  • A Mentor is required to attend training program that outlines responsibilities and court requirements
  • A Mentor is a Veteran that continues to serve his/her country

Proof the Program Works with your help

CNN provides a look at the Orange County Combat Veterans Treatment Court.

Veterans recently returned from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues convene in Judge Wendy Lindley’s courtroom. These veterans are standing before the judge at parade rest; feet shoulder width apart with their hands behind their backs. Standing by their side is their Veteran Mentor, a fellow veteran who knows exactly what it is like to fight in combat. This is a unique courtroom, one of first in the nation to help justice-involved veterans struggling with the physical and mental scars of war.

Building on the success of Veterans’ courts around the nation, Laporte County’s court will connect Veterans with needed VA treatment and services. These brave men and women have served their country and deserve your support when they need it. As a mentor you will provide guidance, act as a role model, or simply help a friend when they need it most. Please enroll today to help a fellow Veteran get back on the right track.