If you're looking for information about all matters financial - from taxes to property value assessment - you've come to the right place. Below you'll find answers to the most common questions people have regarding their finances.

Where do I Pay my Taxes?

Tax payments can be made in several different ways.

  • By delivering them to the Treasurer's Office by closing time on the deadline date
  • By paying them at local banks that accept tax payments (check with your bank for its tax payment deadlines).
  • By mailing them with a federal postmark no later than the deadline.

What do I do if I can't Pay my Taxes

Individuals who are unable to pay their taxes by the deadline are encouraged to contact the Indiana Department of Revenue to setup a payment plan.

How do I appeal my Tax Assessment?

Should a property owner disagree with his/her assessment, he/she is entitled to an appeal. All appeals should begin with the township assessor of the township in which the property is located. A review of the property record card is important to ensure that all of the features of the property have been reported correctly.

Relevant County Offices

The following offices offer services related to finance and taxes. Click each link to visit a particular office.

The County Auditor's responsibilities include maintaining the official ledger of the County, preparing and distributing bids, and administering the County payroll.

The County Assessor serves as Secretary of the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (PTABOA). The Board conducts real estate and personal property tax appeals. The Assessor is also responsible for calculating inheritance tax and processing applications for property tax exemptions.

The Center Township Assessor office of the second largest township in the County, overseeing some 15,000 parcels

The LaPorte County Council is the financial power of the county, serving as a check on the Board of County Commissioners.